Meet the Fab Five

December 22, 2019

Four female and one male Labrador puppy was generously donated to Paw, Ability, Inc. Bryan and Trischa have always wanted to give back to a veteran organization and Paws-Ability, Inc. was blessed to have this amazing opportunity to partner with this wonderful, selfless family! Thank you Hudson family!

The Hudson’s Family Fabulous Five Puppies
The main reason for donating our Fab Five Puppies to Paws-Ability was the fact that our family has always been public service oriented and we believe in Paws-Ability’s mission.   It has always been our intent and desire to make a direct impact on improving Veteran’s situations and therefore their life.  We believe our five puppies will empower those who receive the gift of one of our puppies from Paws-Ability and will increase independence, safety, and will improve the quality of life of those in need.  Our family is blessed to be able to provide Companionship, A Greater Feeling of Independence, Increased Confidence in Social Settings, Motivation, and Self Improvement to those who will be impacted by our Fabulous Five Puppies. 
Trischa & Bryan Hudson   

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