Puppies Check in to the Prison

Today was a milestone for Paws-Ability, Inc. We delivered 3 of our chocolate lab puppies to the Madison Women’s Prison for 6 weeks of obedience training. We also were fortunate enough to meet the warden of the prison. We are so blessed to have the support of the warden and staff. A special thanks also toContinue reading “Puppies Check in to the Prison”

Meet the Fab Five

December 22, 2019 Four female and one male Labrador puppy was generously donated to Paw, Ability, Inc. Bryan and Trischa have always wanted to give back to a veteran organization and Paws-Ability, Inc. was blessed to have this amazing opportunity to partner with this wonderful, selfless family! Thank you Hudson family! The Hudson’s Family FabulousContinue reading “Meet the Fab Five”

Hoosier Ruck Club Supports Paws-Ability

November 29, 2019 A sincere thank you to the Hoosier Ruck Club for their generous donation of puppy food for our volunteers to use as they foster our donated puppies and rescue pups. The Ruck Club organized a 5.5 mile walk, carrying bags of dog food which was then donated to Paws-Ability, Inc. at theContinue reading “Hoosier Ruck Club Supports Paws-Ability”