Puppies Check in to the Prison

Today was a milestone for Paws-Ability, Inc. We delivered 3 of our chocolate lab puppies to the Madison Women’s Prison for 6 weeks of obedience training. 
We also were fortunate enough to meet the warden of the prison. We are so blessed to have the support of the warden and staff. A special thanks also to Susan Balli and Michelle Monroe. Paws-Ability, Inc…….is changing lives.

Two is Better than One

Over the years Jon has rescued dozens of dogs and has provided a loving home for all of them. Jon, a Vietnam veteran, was diagnosed with ALS two years ago. Shortly after that, he and his wife, Lynn, lost their last rescue dog. 

ALS is a terrible fatal disease and he is now totally paralyzed and confined to a wheelchair. He is unable to do anything. 

When Lynn heard of this opportunity she immediately responded that they would be honored to foster two puppies who will go on to serve other veterans. 

“When Bell and Major joined our family it was love at first sight. They brought a big smile to Jon’s face and joy into our household. Jon said they have given him a reason to live.”

A Special Request

December 23, 2019

I received an email one night from my friend Kelly’s mom, Lynn. She expressed how she thought having a puppy to foster would be really beneficial for her husband that is living with ALS. He is a Vietnam Veteran and he has always loved dogs and although Jon has caretakers throughout the day and needs a lot of support, Lynn knew the benefits of having a puppy to brighten her husband’s days, far outweighed the challenges that come along with a new puppy. After sharing the exciting news with Jon, he insisted that they foster two puppies! The Paws-Ability, Inc. board thought this was a wonderful idea.

On December 23, Bell and Major were warmly welcomed into their home where Jon, Lynn and their grandchildren eagerly awaited their arrival. Djeneba had spent the previous days researching how to train a puppy and what a puppy needs, before convincing Grandma to go shopping for an abundance of toys and supplies.

Among seeing Jon smile when Bell and Major were put on his lap, my very favorite part of today was hearing Jon whisper the words, “Thank you for giving meaning to my life again”. And this very reason is EXACTLY why Paws-Ability, Inc. was created.

Thank you Jon and Lynn for taking such great care of these two and Jon- Thank YOU for your service to our country!

Meet the Fab Five

December 22, 2019

Four female and one male Labrador puppy was generously donated to Paw, Ability, Inc. Bryan and Trischa have always wanted to give back to a veteran organization and Paws-Ability, Inc. was blessed to have this amazing opportunity to partner with this wonderful, selfless family! Thank you Hudson family!

The Hudson’s Family Fabulous Five Puppies
The main reason for donating our Fab Five Puppies to Paws-Ability was the fact that our family has always been public service oriented and we believe in Paws-Ability’s mission.   It has always been our intent and desire to make a direct impact on improving Veteran’s situations and therefore their life.  We believe our five puppies will empower those who receive the gift of one of our puppies from Paws-Ability and will increase independence, safety, and will improve the quality of life of those in need.  Our family is blessed to be able to provide Companionship, A Greater Feeling of Independence, Increased Confidence in Social Settings, Motivation, and Self Improvement to those who will be impacted by our Fabulous Five Puppies. 
Trischa & Bryan Hudson   

Hoosier Ruck Club Supports Paws-Ability

November 29, 2019

A sincere thank you to the Hoosier Ruck Club for their generous donation of puppy food for our volunteers to use as they foster our donated puppies and rescue pups. The Ruck Club organized a 5.5 mile walk, carrying bags of dog food which was then donated to Paws-Ability, Inc. at the end. Our sincerest gratitude for your support! You are making a difference! We also want to thank JT Hickman of the American Legion Riders Club for coming out to take videos and pictures of the finishing of the walk.

New Puppies Coming Soon

December 16, 2019

A huge thank you to Bryan and Trischa Hudson for generously donating Chocolate Labrador puppies to Paws-Ability, Inc. We could not be any more excited to meet five of these puppies at the end of December. They will be placed in foster homes until they are old enough (12-14 weeks) to attend the ‘A Dog On Prison Turf’ program at the Madison Correctional Facility. They will then be partnered with a companion and be trained to be a certified service dog.