Update on the Fab Five

The Hudson’s Family Fabulous Five Puppies
“The main reason for donating our Fab Five Puppies to Paws-Ability was the fact that our family has always been public service oriented and we believe in Paws-Ability’s mission.   It has always been our intent and desire to make a direct impact on improving Veteran’s situations and therefore their life.  We believe our five puppies will empower those who receive the gift of one of our puppies from Paws-Ability and will increase independence, safety, and will improve the quality of life of those in need.  Our family is blessed to be able to provide Companionship, A Greater Feeling of Independence, Increased Confidence in Social Settings, Motivation, and Self Improvement to those who will be impacted by our Fabulous Five Puppies.” 
Trischa & Bryan Hudson  


Rosie the Riveter just seemed like the perfect fit for this little girl…strong and independent! Rosie is now fully trained and living her best life with her hero, Dwayne. He shared that he was impressed to see just how quickly she was able to read him and know exactly when he needed her by his side.


Oh Miss Molly Pitcher that is….couldn’t have picked a more noble name for a selfless little lady. Molly never misses an opportunity to chase a squirrel, run after a blowing leaf or playfully pounce on other puppies. She is such a hard worker, but we were told she is, “happily distracted”. She returned to the prison for a second round of training and despite Molly being the sweetest, softest, most loving companion, it was determined that she was too easily distracted and would likely not make the safest service dog incase she decided to play instead of work. She now is living the high life with Jessi, her once upon a time, foster mom. Once Covid has released some of its restraints, Jessi plans to continue with training to get Molly certified as a therapy dog to visit nursing homes and hospitals. We love knowing she will still be making a difference!


Bell, named after the famous Liberty Bell, of course (and after her mom, Bella) started her time with Paws-Ability with Jon and Lynn. Jon, a Vietnam Veteran, made this special request to foster, as a way to give back to another Veteran. Paws-Ability will forever be grateful for the two puppies sponsored by Jon and Lynn. Bell is now a fully trained service dog and is inseparable from Tom. Following him any and everywhere he goes and giving Tom some of his life back. We know these two were meant to be together!


Major also started out with Jon and Lynn. We are very grateful for the Bereman family for sponsoring him! Major has always been the sweet little guy that was very laid back. He certainly is no longer little and he has a whole lot of spunk and energy now! Major was perfectly paired with his hero Russell. He goes to work with Russell each day where everyone knows exactly who he is! He is all business at work, but when he gets home and the vest comes off, he is a wild, crazy, playful boy! When you work hard, you can play hard! So grateful these two have found each other!


Liberty means to be free, free from physical restraint. We are grateful this beautiful little girl is able to set someone free, free to live their life to the fullest. Free to trust her as she guides, leads and loves. Liberty is a fully trained service dog and is now in her fur-ever home! She is able to go to work with her hero Tom and give him the peace he was needing. When she is at home she has many acres to run and play on too. We are not sure who is luckier to have who, Tom or Liberty

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