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The Hudson’s Family Fabulous Five Puppies
The main reason for donating our Fab Five Puppies to Paws-Ability was the fact that our family has always been public service oriented and we believe in Paws-Ability’s mission.   It has always been our intent and desire to make a direct impact on improving Veteran’s situations and therefore their life.  We believe our five puppies will empower those who receive the gift of one of our puppies from Paws-Ability and will increase independence, safety, and will improve the quality of life of those in need.  Our family is blessed to be able to provide Companionship, A Greater Feeling of Independence, Increased Confidence in Social Settings, Motivation, and Self Improvement to those who will be impacted by our Fabulous Five Puppies. 
Trischa & Bryan Hudson  


Rosie the Riveter just seemed like the perfect fit for this little girl…strong and independent! She is loving life right now with her foster family. She has plenty to keep her busy with other dogs in the home to socialize and play with throughout the day. She is ornery and full of life! It won’t be long and she will be heading to the Madison Women’s Prison for her manners and obedience training. She is going to make an amazing service dog!


Oh Miss Molly Pitcher that is….couldn’t have picked a more noble name for a selfless little lady that will give her everything to become the perfect service dog to a Veteran or First Responder. She is the absolute sweetest and snuggliest little girl. She loves to play and then loves to cuddle. After her training in the prison, she will go on to become a brave companion that will selflessly dedicate her life to making her hero’s life better.


Bell, named after the famous Liberty Bell of course (and after her mom, Bella) is currently enjoying her new foster family along with her brother Major. She is working on socializing, potty training and getting lots of love and snuggles. When she is a few months older she will head to the Women’s Prison for her basic manners and obedience training before being partnered with her forever hero! Bell and Major are a special pair because they are being fostered by Jon and Lynn. Jon, a Vietnam Veteran, made this special request to foster, as a way to give back to another Veteran. Read more about Jon’s story on our blog.


This sweet little guy is very laid back. Major lets his sister crawl over him, he is a cuddler, and he loves to play with his toys. When he first got to his foster home, he played with Bell and then crawled under the sofa, free from his energy filled sister and the humans that wanted to keep playing, and curled up for a nap. Now this growing boy can’t fit under the sofa, but still manages to fall asleep in a little ball. He loves living with Jon and Lynn, as well as with his sister Bell. In a few months, he will go to the prison for his manners and obedience training. He is very loved! Read more about Jon’s story on our blog.


Liberty means to be free, free from physical restraint. We are certain this beautiful little girl is going to set someone free, free to live their life to the fullest. Free to trust her as she guides, leads and loves. This could not be a more perfect name for this little snuggler! She is a ball of energy! She plays so lovingly with her humans and four legged foster siblings. She loves to be held and cuddled. She comes running when she hears her name and she is never one to pass up a treat. She is going to change someone’s life. What a blessing she is already!

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