Gloria and Lizzie

Gloria just celebrated her 71st birthday in December. She suffers from extreme depression, PTSD, anxiety, balance issues and more. Lizzie helps her daily, even when Lizzie is not wearing her vest. Before Lizzie, Gloria had a dog named Bear, a loving Rottweiller, but he passed and she still thinks about him; he was 14 when he passed.
Gloria went into the Army in 1982. She wanted to go full time, but had three young children, so she joined the reserves. She was a petroleum supply specialist and also water purification- from 1982 until 1992. She was activated in 1991 for Operation Dessert Storm. She got out of the reserves and went to semi-truck driving school, and drove over the road until 2005. Gloria enjoyed the job,but was suffering from panic attacks and her vision was going due to Hystoplasmosis, therefore she couldn’t drive at night very well. She told her dispatcher she would rather give it up rather than hurting someone or herself from poor vision. The next year Gloria applied for disability.
Gloria enjoys helping others or visiting the shelters and sometimes volunteering. She says, “animals are my people; they don’t complain, don’t care if you cant sing, never judge- just love.” She also enjoys gardening, sewing, fishing, and easy listening music. Lizzie has her friend Bella and three other cats in the house- they all get along very well. Gloria has three grown children, two grandsons, which are married, and a set of twin great-grandsons.

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